5 Benefits of Installing a Wet Room Bathroom

Five reasons you’ll want make a wet room part of your bathroom remodel.

If you’re looking to add a splash of luxury and an abundance of function and long-term value to your bathroom remodel— a wet room bathroom should be on your list. Spa-like style, enhanced quality, comfort, and function make this a must-consider upgrade. 

A wet room combines your shower and tub into one waterproofed enclosure, maximizing space, preventing water leaks and damage, and making cleanup a breeze. Curious if a wet room might be right for your home?  Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a wet room to your bathroom. 

Spa-Like Style

A wet room’s minimalist design can transform any bathroom space into a spa-like retreat. Your unique footprint provides endless customization opportunities for both function and style.

Enhanced Quality & Value

When installing a wet room bathroom, you are waterproofing an area that is quite susceptible to water leaks/damage. In standard bathrooms, water can readily travel into unwanted areas and has the propensity to build up unwanted moisture on both cabinets and floors—increasing the formation of dangerous molds and bacteria. 

In a web room, all moisture is channeled through a central drain, so it’s easily contained and reduces the risk of costly water damage and/or future renovation. This could drastically boost your property’s market value, as these installations typically realize a return on investment between 56%-70%. In fact, studies have demonstrated that adding a full bathroom to your home can increase its value by almost 6%!

Easy Upkeep

Exhausted by your little (and big!) ones splashing and trekking water throughout the bathroom? The never-ending mess of Fido’s baths? A wet room bathroom is designed with your peace of mind at the forefront! Not only does this design minimize water messes, it also enhances the mobility to clean.

Integrated Accessibility

Maneuvering a typical bathroom space has never been so easy—and certainly makes an attractive option as your family’s needs evolve and grow over time. Zero entry makes satisfying current or future accessibility needs seamless.

Improved Space Efficiency

Your current bathroom’s layout can be completely reimagined and maximized when including a wet room. Instead of bulky cabinets and intrusive shower doors–perhaps you combine your sink, tub, shower, and toilet into a cohesive unit. No matter the current floor plan, incorporating a wet room into your bathroom remodel can leverage space and provide a brand-new experience in one of your most used rooms! 

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