2024 Kitchen Design Trends

Read on for our team’s take on the top trends for kitchen design in 2024.

The realm of kitchen design is in constant flux, continually presenting innovative ideas and trends that redefine the heart of our homes. From materials to colors and storage solutions, here are some of the leading 2024 kitchen trends. 

A Move From Marble

Carrara will always remain a classic choice for countertops and backsplashes but demands careful maintenance. Solid surfaces, such as Quartz, can offer a similar aesthetic without the need for extensive upkeep. Additionally, materials like quartzite and honed granite provide more durable options among natural stones.

2023 Kitchen Trends

Moody Colors

Move over neutrals! In contrast to the traditional white kitchen, color trends for 2024 feature saturated tones such as green, blue, and even black, bringing a warm and luxurious ambiance that complements organic elements like natural wood and stone perfectly. 

Mixed Metals

Can’t decide between polished nickel or brass for your 2024 kitchen hardware and faucets?  No need to choose just one finish – mixing materials creates a diverse and curated palette that makes a statement.  Our team loves combining tones across hardware, faucets, and fixtures to create visually captivating spaces. 

Zionsville Kitchen Remodeling

nods to nature

When contemplating kitchen trends for 2024, draw inspiration from nature. From wood grain to natural stones like marble and quartzite, earthy elements represent a trend our team believes will persist this year and beyond. These materials elevate warmth and texture, offering an organic aesthetic that complements manmade mediums seamlessly. 

Functional Focus

There is no need to compromise form for function—your kitchen should be crafted with your individual needs in mind. In 2024, kitchen cabinets and islands can incorporate unique storage solutions. From utensil pull-outs that keep essentials out of sight but within reach, to charging drawers that neatly organize electronics, numerous smart solutions abound to optimize functionality. 

Beverage Stations

This 2024 kitchen appliance trend can truly make a difference. Store coffee and tea, wine, smoothies, and even baby formula in a dedicated beverage station strategically positioned just beyond the outskirts of the kitchen. This setup enhances flow and keeps appliances like coffee machines, blenders, and aerators out of the main kitchen area yet conveniently within reach. 


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