5 Structures to Consider for Your Backyard Entertainment Retreat

The backyard probably provides your main outdoor entertainment space. Your backyard can facilitate so many activities, such as dining and swimming, as well as inactivity or lounging. In order to fully enjoy all those activities, you want to design your backyard as a sort of entertainment retreat.

  1. Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors is a popular activity and can provide the centerpiece of your backyard entertainment. Naturally, you’ll spend a lot of time choosing grills and accessories as well as countertop and cabinet materials. However, you should also consider covering the kitchen so you can use it no matter the weather.

Designers have several options for covering an outdoor kitchen. One is to extend the roofline of your house, which obviously only works if the kitchen is directly adjacent to the house. Another option is to build a pergola over the cooking area.

Either way, consider two additions to your outdoor ceiling — a fan and lighting. Both will facilitate your enjoyment of the outdoor kitchen no matter the temperature or time of day.

  1. Shaded Spa Area

In that vein, a pergola or other cover can provide shade for a spa area as well. Indeed, many homeowners like to enjoy their spa or hot tub when it’s snowing as a counter for the cold. What’s more, a cover can allow you to sit in the spa even in the brightest part of the day.

Privacy is another concern, especially if you have nearby neighbors. To that end, consider incorporating lattice panels or a series of screens along with your roof. The structure itself should still be light and airy so you can enjoy the outdoors. You could provide additional cover with plants growing up the lattice and over the pergola, which also provides a beautiful effect.

  1. Dining Pavilion

A pavilion could be a charming addition to your backyard entertainment retreat. A pavilion is a sturdy structure with a decorative façade and usually a peaked roof. Pavilions have a specific purpose — in this case, dining. A dining pavilion can provide an anchor in the flow of your outdoor activities.

You have many prefabricated options for a pavilion. However, some level of customization will ensure the structure complements the rest of your house. For one, the roofing should be the same color and material. Likewise, any architectural flourishes — or lack thereof — should match the house. Finally, ensure the scale of the pavilion doesn’t overwhelm the backyard.

  1. Lounging Gazebo

A gazebo is similar to a pavilion in that it’s a roofed structure with open sides. However, gazebos are traditionally octagon-shaped with a domed roof. Some gazebos are very small, but you can still transform one into an outdoor lounge.

First, place it in a particularly beautiful area of the yard. The landscaping around the gazebo should be lush to provide some privacy and additional shade. If possible, incorporate a fountain nearby to enjoy the soothing sound of water music while you relax.

For the structure itself, you can incorporate bench seating around the perimeter in the manner of built-in day beds. Conversely, you could leave the interior plain and fill it with comfortable outdoor lounge furniture. For the façade, as with a pavilion, you want materials and detailing that match your house.

  1. Pool House or Cabana

If you have a swimming pool, you should consider a pool house. As the name suggests, a pool house is an enclosed structure that’s essentially a second house in your backyard. A pool house can incorporate important amenities, such as food preparation, a bar, a changing room, and a shower. You can even design a pool house with sleeping quarters.

If you don’t want such a weighty structure in your backyard, consider a pool cabana. The cabana is a simpler structure whose purpose is to provide shade and some privacy. Indeed, a pergola or pavilion can serve as your pool cabana. Typically, a cabana features open sides.

Any of the above backyard structures can augment your outdoor living. Let Case Design/Remodeling design and build your backyard retreat.

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