5 Ways to Cool Off Your Backyard

Despite the endless amount of stormy weather, summer has officially arrived. Summer is a time of many traditions including backyard cookouts, pool parties, bonfires and beyond. What would be the fun in having a backyard that you can’t use because of the extreme heat and lack of shade? Here’s how you can cool off your backyard and get back to enjoying your summer traditions.

1. Add Shade with a Covered Porch:

IMG_7271Do you have a newer home with immature trees providing zero shade? Consider a covered porch addition. Not only does this clever addition provide a “shady” purpose, it also adds architectural interest to the back of your home. To add additional shade and create a show-stopping visual, add retractable outdoor curtains to the sides of the porch.

2. Block the Sun with a Personalized Pergola



Although they can’t shield you from the rain, pergolas are excellent sources of shade and look stunning sitting in the backyard. Deck your pergola out by adding cool light fixtures, a ceiling fan or even some fun strung lantern lights.

3. Add an Umbrella – or Two! 



Here is a simple solution to add backyard shade without having to break the bank or even swing a hammer. Umbrellas have come a long way from their original days. To keep it simple, you can add a standard patio umbrella or you could jazz it up a bit and get an over-sized suspended umbrella.

4. Add a Retractable Awning

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Don’t have an opening for an umbrella in your patio table? Don’t sweat it – retractable awnings is a great solution to this common dilemma. Coming a long way from their early hideous green days, retractable awnings can give your back porch quite the modern look. Personalize your look with a custom outdoor fabric or even motorized hardware.

5. Take the Plunge – Consider a PoolIMG_2522

Sure they are expensive and can be a maintenance headache; but there is nothing more soothing than plunging into a cool and refreshing pool – especially after mowing the lawn or after finishing a long bike ride or run. If you have the patience and resources, this backyard asset is sure to not only keep you feeling cool in the backyard, but also will keep friends and family entertained all summer.

Need some assistance creating the perfect shady spot in your backyard? We can help turn your outdoor dreams to reality. Give us a call to schedule a free, in-home, consultation to get started. Send us an email, or give us a call at 846-2600.

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