What’s Trending in Bathroom Remodeling for 2019?

Homeowners are consistently looking for ways to improve the livability and value of their homes through remodeling, however keeping up with the ever-changing trends in design and remodeling can be challenging!

As we start 2019, make the resolution to turn your master bath into a space bubbling with possibility. Homeowners are looking for a true getaway, and remodeling firms are taking notice as projects shift to clean, simple styles that are not only accessible, but easy to use.  

Below, take a peek at our most recent bathroom remodeling projects in the Indianapolis area, and see how you can turn your morning routine into the spa-like experience you’ve always dreamed of!

Bright & Airy Aesthetic

bathroom remodeling trends
Bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to re-shuffle and re-imagine. However, converting a cramped and outdated original into a spa-like retreat takes planning and precision.

The original garden tub in this Carmel home wasn’t contributing much to the layout of this dated master suite, so we worked with the homeowners to come up with another solution: a frame-less glass shower that would take up less space, prevent overflow, and appear more light and modern. We removed the full wall that separated the toilet area and the rest of the bathroom because it minimized the space, creating a barrier to flexibility. True to the bathroom remodeling trends of 2019, we installed a half wall to provide that feeling of an open concept, while still maintaining the privacy that these homeowners wanted. The new layout also made room for an additional linen closet!

We packed the remaining space with a blend of white and gray marble, chose timeless chrome fixtures, and a furniture-style vanity to take advantage of the ample natural light that makes this master bath feel even more open. This light, airy space is a much better reflection of its intended purpose: a haven for rest and relaxation.

Don’t Be Afraid of High Tech

bathroom remodeling trends 2019
In 2019, remodelers and homeowners are just as interested in ease-of-use as they are style. Since remodeling is all about re-purposing the space that you already have, we used this theme to convert an unfinished basement into a high-tech spa bathroom.

This Westfield homeowner gave Case Indy the go-ahead to make this Las Vegas-inspired master suite as technologically advanced as possible, so we went all in! We included a steam shower with exposed plumbing, a hot design trend applauded for its sleek design and accessible features. We also added a roomy, therapeutic hot tub, and complemented the stainless steel accents with a soft gray to ensure that the space looked as calm as it felt.

We added one final touch, but this Kohler toilet may be what truly separates this remodel from the run of the mill master suite — it includes a motion activated seat and cover, a seat warmer, Bluetooth speaker, and even a foot warmer — to give the homeowner every convenience, right at their fingertips.

A Small Space Can Still Make a Big Impression

If the space is going to be a true retreat, we recommend that you part from the usual marble or granite, in favor of this year’s countertop of choice — quartz.   

It’s trending for a reason — not only does it have a clean look that will fit into any bathroom remodeling plan, but it’s also much easier to clean. Its seamless surface doesn’t collect dirt and grime like other materials can, and combining it with chrome or stainless steel taps keep cleaning to a minimum. By choosing materials that not only look the part but are easy to maintain, you can spend less time trying to scrub, spray and scrape, and more time enjoying your new favorite room!

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