Considering A Remodel? 5 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe During Construction

Let’s be honest, a renovation of any size transforms your home into a construction site. Of course, remodeling can interfere with your families day-to-day life, but the most important part about having your home remodeled is keeping you and your family safe during the process. Here are five best safety practices to live by during any type of home remodeling project: .

1. Create a No-Go Zone

Cordon off the construction area of your home as a no-go zone for friends and family. This is especially important if you have kids and pets in the house who might become curious. Our craftsman are trained to create a visual barrier to indicate where work is being done, this helps eliminate the risk of accidents. Be sure that physical and signage barriers are set up at the entrances to any area impacted by the construction. Pets should be confined in a safe place and parents should set a good example for your kids by not entering the no-go zones themselves.

2. Consider Relocating

If your renovation is extensive — such as added levels, complete renovation of main rooms, or major structural reconstruction — consider moving out for at least some of the project. The remodel will move along faster if your family is out of the way, and you will be able to maintain a somewhat normal life schedule. If you have kids in your home, relocating can prevent a lot of trouble, confusion, and transition stress.

Relocating temporarily can be more expensive, but it allows you to better protect children and pets from the construction work. If you’re concerned about safety, our skilled design/build staff can talk to you about our safety recommendations during each phase of the project. Relocating for short periods of time during specific phases of the project can be a more cost effective option without compromising the safety of your family.

3. Talk With Kids

Kids are curious, and they are often fascinated by construction work. This could prove a temptation when there’s construction equipment in your home.

Have a family conversation about the importance of staying away from the work areas and power tools. You may even want to enlist your contractor to talk with children about how to be safe around construction work. While you don’t want to unnecessarily scare kids, they do need to understand the danger of playing too close to any of the construction equipment. To avoid accidents our craftsman put away power tools when they aren’t being used and clean up the construction site at the end of every work day, this helps insure there are no dangerous items laying around your home.

4. Plan Routes

When planning how you will use the rest of the house while one section is remodeled, plan for traffic patterns. At the very least, you’ll need to maintain good exits from all areas of the house. If you’re remodeling the kitchen, for instance, are there alternatives in the main area to use as an emergency exit? Mark traffic routes for children and visitors. 

If you plan to use an alternate entrance while a main area is being renovated, make sure it’s safe for heavy traffic. Does this exit route have solid walkways, railings on stairs, and good lighting for evening use? Can visitors reach the alternate exits easily and without stumbling? Are pets safe and contained?

5. Find External Storage

No matter how careful you and your remodeling company are, accidents happen! We advise our clients to make sure all important items are stored safely in a space that is not in the path of the craftsman that are building your project. It is our general practice to have the design/build team walk-thru the home with the homeowner prior to construction and talk about how to properly clear the space before construction begins. Our craftsman make sure that large items like furniture and permanent fixtures like tubs or flooring are carefully covered to preserve their condition. We often encourage our clients that are undergoing a major remodeling project to rent a storage unit during construction or find an alternative storage solution outside of their home, like the home of a friend or family member. Clearing the construction zone of any obstacles can make the project move along more quickly and safely! 

The remodeling experts at Case Design/Remodeling can help alleviate all of your safety concerns before any type of renovation. Schedule a free in-home consultation today to learn how you can complete your home remodel quickly and safely under any circumstances!

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