Dreaming big? Create a Remodeling Master Plan

Many homeowners have grand remodeling dreams: a spacious kitchen; a luxurious master bath; an outdoor living space made for entertaining; and a tricked out lower level for the men and the kids. But how does one achieve such lofty goals? Creating a master plan for a home is a smart way to bring whole house remodeling projects into manageable chunks that fit your timeline and budget.

Master Plan Remodeleing Indianapolis

A master plan is a helpful tool that provides a cohesive design for the whole home, as well as a basis for a project priority list. It allows you to plan for the long term by creating an overall scope of work for your home. Each space within a master plan is a project unto itself, but they all relate to one another. Planning for how remodeling one space will affect the changes that are coming to another reduces costly redesigns and tear outs. Master plans also ensure that the choices made within one project do not limit your options for another part of your home.

Master Plan Remodeling Indianpolis

Here is a scenario where a homeowner could benefit from a master plan: The idea is to begin with a full kitchen remodel, changing the footprint to better suit how the space is used. Adding an extensive outdoor living area is also in the works for a later date. Building a gorgeous bump out with a bay window makes sense for the kitchen flow. However, if easy access to the eventual placement of the outdoor grill or dining area is not part of the original design, that beautiful window area  may need to be torn out. The kitchen remodel needs to reflect how the homeowner will access and use the eventual outdoor living area. Planning for how one expects to use the whole home makes for better design, and lower costs.

Master Plan home remodeling Indianapolis

Mobility and accessibility considerations can also be included in a master plan. Do you expect an elderly parent to visit often? Do you plan to stay in your home into your golden years? A master plan can design for these eventualities.

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Design/build remodeling firms are particularly well-suited to create master plans. By having both design and structural expertise under one roof, these companies like CaseIndy ensure the plan both suits your needs and is structurally feasible. Also, design/build firms understand construction costs, and therefore can help you use your budget wisely.

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