Easy Tips to Spruce Up Your Entryway

An entryway can say a lot about the people who live in that home. It can be stale and uninviting from years of neglect, or cluttered and dirty from a busy family. It can also be an easy way to update a home with just a few days of thinking, painting, and decorating.

Invite Visitors In

Fortunately the entry way is not the biggest room in the house! It really doesn’t take too much effort to create a new look when the old one is dingy or hopelessly outdated. Before you start, evaluate what you own. Look online and in stores for ideas. You may find that you can convert what you have or you may find an inexpensive piece to build a theme around. Is there an attractive bench, chair or other piece of furniture that would fit the space? Consider how can you build around that focal point to create a look that says, “come in?”

As you build your theme, think about artwork for the area. Coordinate the wall hangings with the paint color, making sure it doesn’t clash with adjacent rooms or the color of the front door. In fact, painting the front door a vibrant color makes an immediate change to your home’s entryway.

Organization is Beautiful

If your entryway is essential to your family life, look for a piece of furniture that will flatter the area but provide a useful place for individual items. It might have hooks for coats, a space for umbrellas or a catch-all for sports items. Consider adding some attractive shelving or cubbies to hide things you use frequently but don’t want visible. An experienced remodeler could cut a hideaway cabinet under a stairway, enlarge your coat closet, or build some lockers fitted to your space.

Don’t expect your family to change overnight! It will take practice to teach everyone to use the new features wisely, but it can be done. Even in a busy area, you can provide some clutter relief, update the fixtures, and reform the overall look to meet to your needs.

Make the Best First Impression

If your home is up for sale, a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color is a good way to signal “clean.” Still, don’t grab a paintbrush until you speak with your real estate agent. Sometimes the best look can be achieved simply by removing all extraneous items. You can be sure that any potential buyers will judge your home by first impressions, and since the entry way is first, it had better pass inspection.

Simple changes to your entryway can make a big impact. What easy changes have you made to make your entryway reflect your family?


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