Fads vs Trends

Case Indy is a no-fad zone. In the home design world, fads are short-lived, often impractical styles that are “out” almost as fast as they are “in”. Though it can be exciting to have the latest and greatest, we recommend our clients take a look at home design trends when planning their remodels. Trends are usually built off of new technology or functionality, and have stood the test of passing consumer whims. Trends are usually a long-term value-add to a project, rather than a need for a costly, near-future change.

Here are some kitchen trends to consider if you are planning a kitchen remodel in 2012:

Concealed appliances – Cabinet and appliance manufacturers have become quite creative when it comes to offering stylish functionality to a kitchen. Stand mixer lifts in lower cabinets, built-in coffee stations, and warming, microwave and dishwasher drawers are just a few examples of this popular trend. Not only do hidden appliances offer increased functionality, they decrease kitchen counter clutter.

Appliance color choices – Stainless steel has been a tried and true appliance finish for over 100 years. Noted for its clean look, and suggestion of luxury, stainless steel offers a universal appeal to any style kitchen. Black has been a popular color for many years as well, offering a more contemporary look that can compliment most styles. Other common color choices are beige, gray and cream.

Cabinetry – Maple cabinets continue to be popular in kitchen design, with a plethora of finish choices. We are seeing white to off-white overlays, dark stains and natural colorings. Innovation within the cabinet industry has brought about many functional and stylish options, such as touch-latch doors, systems hidden behind sliding doors, and cabinets made out of unique materials like semi-translucent glass, bamboo and aluminum. The possibilities for space-saving features are growing every year.

Countertops – Custom touches, such as a marble pastry slab or a butchers block are a favorite kitchen trend. Many homeowners are choosing unconventional materials for their countertops as well, such as concrete embedded with glass pieces or metallic flecks. Granite still continues to dominate the high-style kitchen look, though the use of quartz is popular due to its easy maintenance.

Lighting– Incorporating many types of lighting in a kitchen design is a key to a functional and stylish remodel. Task lighting, under-cabinet units, general room illumination and accent pieces are all a part of an overall lighting plan. Creative fixture placement and direction can also add to the appeal of a kitchen design. The type of fixtures you choose will depend upon the lighting need.

As our on-staff designers lead you step-by-step through your kitchen remodel process, attention will be paid to how these design trends apply to your space and your needs. As no two remodels are alike, let us answer your questions about your project. Give us a call at 317-846-2600 or send us an email for a free consultation.


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