How to Choose the Best Home Improvement Contractor

Home remodeling is a very personal experience. After all, it’s your home. For many, it’s the most expensive purchase we’ll ever make. Home is where we let our guard down. Inviting a home improvement contractor in to temporarily invade your space, mess it up, and make changes takes a certain level of trust.

How do you know which company to trust? How do you choose a team that’s pleasant to work with, perform quality work, on time, within budget, and leave you with the home improvement project you expected?

This list of five practical, proven tips should help!

1. Look into their work process.

Does the company use an established work process for remodeling projects or do they handle each job hap-hazardly? If they use a process, is it one that makes sense to you? You’ll be part of that process for the duration of the project so it should be a framework you are comfortable with.

Important components of that process include:

  • A work schedule you understand.
  • Established lines of communication.
  • The expected payment plan.
  • A list of decisions and timelines you are expected to make.

2. Speak with other clients and even subs.

Don’t take the home improvement contractor’s word for it, find out from clients and colleagues whether they are pleasant to work with, if they meet their commitments on time, and if they communicate effectively.

3. Make sure they stand behind their work.

A solid warranty on labor is a very important metric for choosing a partner for your home improvement project. No one wants to be left high and dry once the final payment is made. Will the contractor return your calls a year or two later if a problem arises related to the work they performed? A kitchen remodel or home addition is a big investment on your part. You want to make sure your money is well spent!

4. Determine whether they have experience with the type of project you need done.

Do you really want to be the “first one” in any home improvement portfolio? If a contractor tells you they can do “this” or “that” make them show you past projects in which they did! Complicated remodels like removing a load bearing wall, digging out a basement, or building a second floor addition takes experience. It’s best to stick with a company that gained experience on someone else’s home before they tackle yours!

5. Ask for referral rates.

A happy client is willing to refer friends and neighbors to the contractor they used. The higher the referral rate, the more likely the company is pleasant to work with. If past clients are unwilling give referrals that may be a red flag.

Which home improvement contractor is right for me?

There is no silver bullet for choosing the perfect home improvement contractor. Conduct your research first and then go with your gut.

We hope you’ll choose Case Design/Remodeling Indianapolis based on our reputation, the quality of our work, established remodeling process, high referral rates, and experience. Attend one of our free remodeling seminars to get a feel for how we work with homeowners and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to making your home the best it can be!



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