homeSweethome: 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Warm days and brisk nights mean fall is here. It’s time to get your house prepared for the coming cold! Here are 10 maintenance tasks you can perform now to help you have a relaxing and worry-free winter season.

1)      Tune up your heating and cooling system – Bring in a professional to give your HVAC unit a checkup, looking for inefficiencies that will increase your heating bill. Have carbon monoxide emissions tested while you are at it.

2)      Reverse your ceiling fans- If they have a reverse switch, change your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise.  The reversal of air circulation will push the hot air away from the ceiling and down to the living levels of your rooms.

3)      Inspect your windows and doors for leaks – Caulking around windows and doors can greatly reduce cold winter drafts, and therefore increase the comfort of your home. You may even be able to lower your thermostat!

4)      Clean your gutters – Removing debris from your gutters prevents water buildup, which can lead to roof leaks or ice dams. While you are up there, inspect your roof for cracked or missing shingles. Preparing your roof for the coming weather will save you headaches later on.

5)      Plan for water – Greater Indianapolis winters are full of rain and snow.  Divert the roof runoff through gutters and downspouts that drain away from your home’s foundation to ward off potential water damage.

6)      Winterize exterior faucets – After you put your hoses away for the winter, prepare your faucets for the cold. Outdoor spigots can freeze and burst, so make sure they are drained and their interior shut-off valves are turned off.

7)      Drain your sprinkler system – Standing water in irrigation system pipes can freeze during the winter, causing them to burst. Blow out your system and turn off the water source before the cold sets in.

8)      Wait to prune your trees – You may be itching to prune back bare branches once the leaves fall off your trees and shrubs. However, horticulturists suggest waiting until the plants are well into dormancy before trimming. This tends to happen in late winter, right before the spring thaw. Check with your local gardener for advice specific to your landscape.

9)      Test your sump pump – Actually, testing should be done every few months! Pour several gallons of water into your pit to make sure your sump pump is functioning.

10)   Have your chimney inspected – Relaxing next to a crackling fire is perfect for winter evenings, but make sure to bring in a chimney sweep to insure the fireplace is in working order.

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