Nothing But the Kitchen Sink

For most of us, when we envision a new kitchen, we picture the big stuff – a large island, a professional grade range, quartz countertops and a built-in refrigerator. However, we are always surprised by how our clients answer when we ask them about their favorite part of their new kitchen. Would you ever guess that the new sink ranks at the top of the list? Since everyone gets excited about this small detail, we decided to offer a review of the new world of kitchen sinks.

It seems that in the last century, the kitchen sink began with the old farmhouse look of a single ceramic bowl that was deep and wide.  In those days of small bathrooms and large kitchens, the kitchen sink served more purposes than cleaning up the dishes. Small children took baths, clothes were washed, and the home-grown food was processed. As we moved into the mid-century, kitchens became smaller and processed food became more popular. These trends led to stainless steel sinks with shallow bowls coming into fashion. Kitchens in the latter part of the century moved back to larger spaces and larger appliances, including deep, multi-bowl sinks.

Today, in the vein of “what-is-old-is-new-again” we are coming back to our roots, but with an upgraded design. In the majority of our kitchen remodels, we install a hybrid of the old styles – a deep, single bowl sink with a shallow divider inside. This design offers the best of both worlds: the separation of food waste into the garbage disposal drain area, and the ability to place large pots and cookie sheets into the sink. Take a look at some of the sinks we have installed in recent kitchen remodels:

Creme Cermic Sink

Kitchen Sinkfarm sink

colored sink

Finally, do you remember the integrated sink and drain board that your grandmother or her friends had? That style is making a comeback too. The picture below was recently featured on

Drainboard Sink

Your kitchen remodel will require many small decisions that together will add up to the gathering space you envision. Let one of our kitchen designers help you through the details, ensuring you do not make a costly mistake, and that you love the end result. Schedule a free, in-home consultation today.

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