Small Interior Remodeling Projects with Big Impact

The old adage “It’s the little things that count” is very applicable to home remodeling. Bringing a fresh, updated look to your home does not always have to involve knocking down walls or gutting a kitchen or bath. There are many smaller projects that bring high-style and increased functionality to your home.

1)   Built-in cabinetry: Blank walls are boring. Adding built-in cabinets not only brings visual interest to a room, they also provide storage options. A designer can accurately measure your available space and help you figure out your goals for the area. It may be that stock cabinetry will work well for your space and needs, or a more custom option could be the best bet. Closed cabinetry can hide items from view, while glass-fronted or open-shelving offer a beautiful setting for books or show pieces. Decorative trim added to stock or custom-built cabinetry can make the built-ins look like a piece of high-end furniture.

2)   Updated fixtures: Replacing lighting, door handles and hinges, faucets and even switch plates can bring a whole new look to your home. Trends in finishes evolve, and following those changes is an easy way to update your space.

3)   Staircase makeover: In many homes, the first thing guests see when they enter your front door is the staircase to the second floor. Taking out full carpeting and replacing it with wood stair treads and partial carpeting is one way to bring a wow factor to that first impression. Updating the look of the railings, newel posts, and balusters can make your home look like new too. Sometimes, just a coat of paint in needed. However, replacing these items with new materials has the most dramatic effect.

4)   Cut some holes: Whether its new windows, adding a French door, or widening an opening between rooms, reducing your wall space is an easy way to bring an updated look to your home. Open concept design has been a trend for decades, and many older homes feel dated with their small windows and doors, and multi-room boxy layouts. Consider removing half-walls or changing a window into a large glass door to bring your home into the latest style.

5)   Closet remodels – The closets of old with one wooden bar to hold all of your clothes are falling by the wayside – and with good reason. Maximizing the usable space in any of your closets not only allows you to be more organized, but also greatly expands your storage space. There are closet systems, with drawers, hooks, and varying bar levels. There are also Case craftsman who can build a customized plan based around your needs.

6)   Cabinet accessories – Easily beef up the storage capacity of your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry with storage inserts. Existing cabinetry can be easily retrofitted to hold rotating pantry shelving, spice racks, and sliding shelving. You will be amazed at the amount of additional space you gain with the small additions.

7)   Trim and Mouldings – A quick and easy way to give any room in your house a more finished look is to install crown moulding, baseboards or wainscoting. Add architectural interest to living rooms, entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms – even kitchen islands, with decorative trim or paneling that enhances the style of your home. You can paint or stain the wood, depending on the look you are going for.

You do not always have to go big to see a dramatic change in the look of your home. Small interior home remodeling projects can give you the boost you are looking for, without going through the effort of a large project.

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