The Living Possibilities of Your Unfinished Basement

Your basement is part of your home’s square footage, albeit not the most attractive or useful part. You’re tired of letting your basement become a vast storage space and want to turn the lower part of your home into a space that is inviting, entertaining, and luxurious.

Consider your basement a blank slate to do nearly anything you wish with the space. With a creative contractor and your own vision, let your basement come to life, and explore these possibilities for your home’s unused living space.

Lounge-Worthy Family Room

Transform your basement into an additional family room by installing in-wall shelving for books, games, and family photos. Your contractor will paint walls in pleasing neutral tones and have plush carpeting installed to make the space comfortable and relaxing.

Leave the basement space open for a relaxing, spacious appeal. Along a far back wall, have your contractor install cabinets and countertops for housing snacks, a mini fridge, and other family room basics. A half bath with a sink and toilet makes your basement family room complete with all the necessities readily available.

Spacious Home Office

The basement is an ideal location for a home office, particularly if you regularly bring clients to your home. Since the basement is removed from the rest of the home’s activity, you can work in peace in a large, quiet space.

A home office needs to be well-insulated to remove distractions from the rest of the home, so speak to your contractor about insulating and soundproofing your basement’s walls. You can leave the flooring bare or choose to have the cement acid washed for a marbled, elegant appeal.

Your home office will need plenty of shelving and cabinetry to house your paperwork and supplies. Section your basement into two rooms: one for storage of office supplies and inventory and another for the office itself. The office room should have a window on all sides to allow natural light into your working space.

Teenage Hangout

A perk of having a lower level of the home is you can have younger children upstairs and teenagers downstairs. Downstairs living allows teens to feel almost as if they are living on their own and gives teens the space they need to have privacy.

Your design contractor will show you where to place bedrooms and recommend installing a half or full bath in your basement. A small section of your basement can be converted into a small loft of sorts, complete with a television nook, space for furniture, and a homework area. The loft or gathering area can be left open with a wide entryway so you can easily check on your teens when they have friends over.

Other options for your basement’s remodel include adding a small breakfast bar for entertaining guests or converting the large space into a hobby and storage room with built-in shelving. You can combine multiple basement finishing ideas to complete your home’s appeal and make your living space more unique to your family’s lifestyle.

Write down your expectations of a finished basement, including color schemes you enjoy, storage areas you would like to have (built-in storage under the stairs is a great way to maximize square footage), and other ideas to share with your contractor.

With your budget and vision in mind, your contractor will turn your basement into a livable space you can enjoy. Ask your contractor if you can review their previous work before you hire an expert in home finishing and remodeling.

Your basement has many possibilities that you should take advantage of. Explore the many home finishing designs our company has completed by contacting us at Case Design/Remodeling of Indianapolis today.

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