2023 Kitchen Design Trends

Top kitchen trends for 2023.

From neutral color palettes to custom-crafted storage solutions—modern kitchen designs and kitchen trends feature an intricate balance of classic appeal and contemporary allure.  Here are a few of the top kitchen design trends for 2023.

2023 Kitchen Trends

Nods to Nature

From wood grain to natural stone, like marble and quartzite, earthy elements will be a trend for kitchens in 2023.  These materials amp up warmth and texture and provide a more organic aesthetic that works well alongside manmade mediums.


Cabinets to the Ceiling

Extending the cabinets to the ceiling can provide more than additional storage space. Higher cabinets can help increase the room’s perceived height, making the kitchen space appear more open. This custom look also cuts down on maintenance compared to cabinets that stop below the ceiling line, which can be magnets for dust and grime.


2023 Kitchen Trends

A Bit of Bling

Think of cabinet hardware, plumbing, and lighting fixtures as the jewelry of the kitchen. These subtle details can make the space stand out—providing a pop of pizzaz and visual appeal. Brass and gold tones will continue to trend in 2023, providing a bit of brilliance and warmth that can effortlessly mix with other finishes, like chrome, steel, and nickel.


2023 Kitchen Trends

Functional Focus

Sacrificing function for form won’t be a concern for kitchens in 2023 – there are so many solutions to make your kitchen work for you.  From French door ovens that make baking a breeze to spice drawers and utensil pull-outs that keep necessities out of sight but close at hand, kitchens today can be customized to meet the unique needs of your family.


2023 Kitchen Trends

Black is Back

Formerly an accent color, black will take center stage in kitchen design for 2023, both in surfaces and cabinetry.  A sharp contrast to the classic white kitchen, black brings a warm and luxe vibe that pairs perfectly with organic elements like natural wood and stone.

Ready to remodel?  We’d love to discuss how these top kitchen design trends, and more, could transform your kitchen.  Send us a note or schedule a consultation here.

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