Kitchen Island Inspiration for Your Remodel

Ideas and inspiration for show-stopping kitchen islands.

From storage to seating, kitchen islands can transform any kitchen into a stylish, multifunctional room, that makes daily tasks and entertaining a breeze. The options for creating the perfect kitchen island are endless —with homeowners looking for storage, tech, and intricate details that match their specific and unique needs.  Here are a few custom kitchen island ideas to inspire your remodel.

navy blue and charcoal accents give this bright kitchen a bolder design contrast

Kitchen Island Design

A kitchen island is the perfect area for adding visual interest to the room. Monochromatic color schemes are making way for complementary hues that provide an accent, while ultra-modern, sleek-lined designs are being replaced with vintage pieces and elements, with small details like drawer handles and cabinet knobs. Kitchen island lighting upgrades will also be another great way to add a unique design element and makes a statement.

Even larger details like countertops will be used to transform a brighter, single-hued kitchen into a more intricate, multi-dimensional space.

Upgraded countertops featuring marble patterns will be used to add depth, dimension, and pops of color to the kitchen space. Much of that color comes from the addition of natural materials. Exposed brick, quartz countertops, and wood or metal elements make the kitchen feel more relaxed and like a more laid-back space while providing visual depth and dimension.

Kitchen island cabinets with contrasting wood tones to the rest of the kitchen cabinetry will be the trend in the new year—providing a perfect way to utilize natural materials to add depth. And in 2023, kitchen island seating will feature more natural elements, including wood structures in place of metal, which can also help by adding another layer of warmth and comfort to the space.

Functional Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island Form and Function

Whether it’s an open work surface for baking or doing homework, or a stylish design with ample space for entertaining, a spacious kitchen island can provide the ideal place for a wide range of activities.

Larger kitchen islands will be trending in 2023—with more homeowners looking to accommodate dining and entertaining within the kitchen area, instead of in living spaces.

There are also endless options available for designing the perfect kitchen island that helps improve both the form and function of the kitchen itself. Kitchen island sinks and wine fridges will continue to be popular additions to any kitchen island. Expect to see upgraded and unique storage solutions, like sliding trays and hidden drawers, wine racks, or even decorative display shelving.

There is also more advanced technology available now than ever before and kitchen islands are the perfect space for making those upgrades. Touchless faucets, storage solutions, and smart appliances controlled by smartphone apps or voice activation can be added to help improve functionality and help streamline day-to-day activities and tasks. Smart appliances also provide the added benefit of being more energy efficient, helping save time, resources, and money.

Kitchen Island Seating

Counter Height Kitchen Islands

Deciding the height, length, and seating for a kitchen island starts with identifying how the space will be used most often. 

A counter-height kitchen island is a simple way to streamline the space and make the space appear larger and more open. Counter-height islands are typically longer than bar-height islands and provide more uninterrupted space for cooking, doing homework, or arts and crafts.

A bar-height kitchen island or kitchen island bar can create dimension and definition and can be ideal for entertaining. It can also provide an ideal spot for casual dining or gathering, creating the perfect space for socializing.

For an edgier, more modern look, a waterfall kitchen island will continue to be a wonderful option to help transform a basic or more classic kitchen into a modern entertaining space. Waterfall kitchen islands are also ideal if additional storage isn’t necessary. It also eliminates hard counter corners and edges which provides a seamless look with a burst of modern style and appeal.

Wrap-around countertops on the kitchen island provide additional seating area and create a space for dining, right in the center of the room. This is an ideal option in 2023 for kitchens without an existing dining area or breakfast nook.

Kitchen Island Configurations

Kitchen Island Seating

A kitchen island with seating is a great way to add extra dining space to the room. There are multiple seating options for counter-height and bar-height kitchen island counters, as well as waterfall kitchen islands and wrap-around kitchen islands.

Bar-height kitchen islands provide more statement seating options, while counter-height islands are ideal for adding warm, cozy dining chairs. And waterfall kitchen island counters allow for more modern and sleek seating options, like metal stools or bar-height chairs.

From bar stools to counter stools and comfortable, classic counter-height dining chairs, kitchen island seating is a great way to add another layer of dimension and color to the room.

Depending on how the space will be used, there is an endless combination of features, colors, dimensions, and designs that can be combined to create the perfect kitchen island for any homeowner’s needs.

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