5 Steps to Plan a Remodel of Your Interior Layout

Is your house too small for your family? If packing up and moving doesn’t appeal to you, then adjusting the interior layout may be the most economical way to boost your enjoyment of the home. However, how can you prepare for a successful redesign? Here are five steps.

1. Determine What You Can’t Change

You’ve likely thought about what you can change in order to fix your home’s space issues. However, don’t make the mistake of not understanding what can’t be altered. You may need to work with an experienced architect, engineer, or remodeling contractor to determine which walls are load bearing, where electrical and plumbing lines are, and how the alterations may affect things like airflow.

Of course, even when a wall you wanted to move is load bearing, you may still be able to make the changes you want with some tweaks. However, adjustments like this will cost more, so you need to be aware of them early on.

2. Decide What You Need Most

Now that you know what your options for redesigning a spaced are, take the time to fully articulate what you need most. You likely won’t be able to accomplish everything you dream of, so set a clear priority list. Do you need more storage, an open floor plan, a guest room, or a more functional kitchen?

Prioritizing your family’s shared goals and needs — as well as deciding what you’d be comfortable not achieving — will save time and money throughout the project. In addition, it will result in a happier homeowner.

3. Work With a Professional Remodeling Firm

If you haven’t hired a good remodeling company by this stage, then it’s probably time to do so. A limited remodel, such as removing a single wall or adding windows for extra sunlight, may be doable for an experienced and handy homeowner. However, for larger projects, trying to maintain your life while managing a renovation could easily overwhelm you.

The advantage of hiring a remodeling company during the planning process is that they can advise you on ways to achieve your goals within a budget and even suggest other ideas you may not have thought of. We even show our clients 3D renderings of the design before we begin construction!

4. Decide Where You’ll Live During the Renovation

Once the scope of your plan becomes clear, decide whether your family should move out during the remodel. This is a big decision, but it can make for a much smoother time during a large-scale renovation. If your home will be without basic functions or you have kids or a demanding career, then vacating the premises could be particularly important.

If your project is smaller or moving out isn’t feasible, plan how you’ll keep a stable home atmosphere. For example, if the kitchen is being renovated, can you create a kitchenette in the garage, laundry room, or dining room? Should you move furniture to a storage unit to free up space in the living areas? What treats will you plan to help keep everyone sane during the renovation?

Work with the whole family to come up with a plan.

5. Evaluate the Financial Impact

While you should have some idea of your remodeling budget from the beginning, you now have enough information to assess the entire financial cost in concrete terms. Your remodeling budget should entail more than just labor costs; you will also need to account for any emergency surprises like mold, adjusting HVAC circulation, and the materials.

Of course, don’t forget about benefits like the return on investment in your home’s value and improved energy efficiency. The right improvements can trump the cost of the renovation in the long run.

To get started on your interior layout change, contact us at Case Design/Remodeling today. We can help you transform your existing home into your dream home!

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