8 Cabinet Modifications that Make Life Easier

Keeping necessities out of sight but close at hand.

So you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen. Before you start designing your new cabinets, consider how you live in your current kitchen. Do you love to cook? Do you enjoy baking? Do you have small children? Do you have limited space to work with? Do your dishes require hand washing? Think about what is not working in your existing kitchen and how you want your new kitchen to function according to your life style. To fuel your inspiration, here are eight kitchen cabinet modifications designed to make your life much easier.

1. Tower Cabinet


Countertop appliances are typically very bulky and can take up a profound amount of storage space. If you are a collector of these culinary tools, consider adding a tower cabinet for better accessibility and storage. Give your designer the specs of your appliances to create a home designed just for them.

2. The Re-Invented Appliance Garage


For all you coffee lovers out there that require a little jolt of caffeine to get your morning started, consider adding an appliance garage. The appliance garage allows you to keep your coffee maker, creams, sugars, stir sticks, etc. all in one spot, meanwhile creating a clutter-free countertop. Unlike the original tambour garage doors, the tilt-up cabinet modification never gets stuck and blends in seamlessly with the design of the surrounding area.

3. Wicker Produce Storage


Do you like to cook with fresh produce? This option also helps create a specific spot for all of your produce. Don’t worry, these baskets have a plastic liner just in case you forget to throw away a straggler tomato before leaving for vacation.

4. Trash Pull-Out


Pull-out trash cans are a wonderful thing. They help keep the dogs out of the trash (unless you have a houdini dog that manages to get into everything), they de-clutter the kitchen, they help sort the trash from the recycling and they make cleaning crumbs and food scraps off the countertop a breeze.

5. Pantry Pull-Out Trays

pantry pull out cabinet modification in modern kitchen

Do you currently have a traditional pantry closet? Do you find it difficult to find that one thing you’re looking for in the back of the pantry? For a seamless look, add in a pantry cabinet to your design plans. If you’re looking to cut costs, or want to add more convenience after you’ve remodeled your kitchen cabinets, simply add pull-out trays to your existing pantry shelves.

6. Utility Cabinet


The days of bending down to find the bottle of Pledge underneath the sink are over. Conveniently store all of your cleaning supplies all in one space and at arms length.

7. Built-In Mini Fridge

add a built in mini fridge as a cabinet modification

Do you have children old enough to help themselves to a drink, but still too short to reach the top shelf to grab a juice box? Consider adding a mini fridge into your design plans so your little ones can easily hydrate without mom or dad’s help.

8. Tilt-Out Tray

tilt out tray for sponges and dish washing brushes

You just invested in a beautiful new sink, why clutter it up with your dish brushes and sponges? The tilt-out tray is the perfect spot to hide and conveniently store scrapers, brushes, and sponges.

9. Cabinets and Floating Shelves


Homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between the convenience of traditional cabinets and the elegant design aesthetic of floating shelves! And lately, many homeowners are choosing to fit both types of storage into their kitchen remodel – the floating shelves are highlighted by their lighter palette while the rest of the kitchen include simple pulls on cabinets, an eye-catching countertop, and custom wine storage requested by the homeowners. 

10. Unexpected Island Storage

unexpected storage at the end of the island can leave room for cookbooks and make a more visually appealing display

Storage at the end of your kitchen island can allow you to get some odds and ends out of eyesight, but it’s also conveniently placed enough that they’re immediately accessible when needed. The transparent doors help the homeowners display cookbooks, photo albums and vases without cluttering the countertops. 

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