5 Improvements that’ll Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Stay-cation

Do you feel that you have an entire backyard waiting to be enjoyed, but when you look out the window, you can’t see anything more than a giant to-do list? Homeowners can use remodeling concepts and clever design to transform their exterior into a poolside paradise, a three-season family room or a covered lounge that leaves room for more. Check out how a local remodeling company can help turn your dream design ideas into a backyard space that you get to enjoy every day. 

Getting Started 

“[Going into the remodel,] most people have a general idea of the spaces that they want to include,” Case Indy Project Developer Dave Null said. Even though clients may know what they want to change, they don’t necessarily know how they want to change it, or if they’re able to. That’s where we come in. 

Dave Null, Project Developer at Case Design/Remodeling Indy

“We ask the clients for a wishlist, and have them rank and prioritize those items,” Null said. “It’s our job to tie them together and make sense of them”. When we’re working with a client to come up with design ideas for a backyard, we consider what their needs are, what they’d like to do with the space, and use our knowledge and experience in the area to give the design value to both the homeowners and future home buyers. If you’re thinking of shaking things up around your home, consider these ideas for designing a beautiful backyard:

5 Design Ideas for Your Backyard

1. All season-friendly. In Indianapolis, we catch all four seasons. While it makes for some beautiful scenery, as a homeowner, you don’t want to make a significant investment in your backyard, only to be able to use it for a couple of months out of the year. Our remodeling team is here to make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors whenever you’d like to.

“If you add radiant heaters in the ceiling [of a covered space], a fireplace, or a fire pit, you can [do more to] extend the seasons outdoors,” Dave said.

backyard design with all-season heater

In an initial meeting, homeowners will discuss their wants and needs with a project developer. We worked with a client who originally wanted a screened-in porch – but while in the initial design phase, we discovered that with the right materials, we could turn their current sunroom into a three-season room. Null explains what we did to make this possible. “Screened-in porches are great, but then the furniture has to be put away in the winter and the space [becomes unusable]. We showed our clients the materials, and told them how with a fireplace, they could use the room almost year-round,” Null said. 

Our team used Mylar windows instead of glass, which allows for the same free-flowing atmosphere that a screened-in porch provides; we also used EZ Breeze doors, which open out to the frame, allowing homeowners the option to coat the room in sunshine or close the doors entirely to keep out the rain or snow. 

three-season room, designs for backyard and outdoor spaces

2. A Seat for Everyone. If you have your backyard designed professionally, you’ll not only have enough seating for guests, but might be able to give guests more options for a better all-around experience. “These clients had a few kids in their pre-teens, plus they liked the entertainment aspect of sitting out by the pool with family and friends. From a design perspective, there’s space for everyone, but offering sun and shade in the same area makes it more comfortable too,” Null said. 

backyard design seating ideas

3. Sunny and Shaded. If a homeowner adds a mix of sunny and shaded spots in their backyard, it can make for a more relaxed environment. The sunny area can allow homeowners to sun-bathe in the warmth of the summer season, swim or play all day, while the covered area can provide shade and a bit of privacy when it’s time to break out the brownies and board games in the evening. Covered areas can also allow for features that wouldn’t stand up to the elements alone, like an outdoor kitchen or a flat-screen television. 

design your backyard for all seasons

4. Fun and friendly decor. An easy way to make a backyard more vibrant and vacation-like is incorporating a mix of patterns and textures into the design plan. The covered space above is coated in a dark blue/slate color with natural stone accents, alongside colorful cushions, wicker furniture, and hanging mood lighting. Curl up with a book on your striped hammock, or serve up steaks and roasted potatoes at the built-in stainless steel grill – now it’s starting to feel more like vacation. 

how to design your backyard | washroom for guests

5. Leave the Mess Behind. One of the best parts about vacation is not having to worry about daily chores or clean-up. These homeowners decided the best way to contain the clutter of pool toys, outdoor supplies, and tracked-in leaves and water was to give guests their own space to freshen up. We were able to tack on an addition to the home, which gave the homeowners the capacity they needed to get the space that they wanted, while eliminating some of the stress of having debris from outside in the main part of the home. 

Looking for even more backyard design ideas? Check out our outdoor living page, then chat about your project with a member of our team.


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