Change Up These Things in Your Teenage Daughter’s Space

As your daughter goes from child to young teenager, her needs and interests change. And her bedroom and bathroom spaces should reflect this change — both for aesthetic reasons and practical ones.

Not sure where to start when remodeling for your tween or teen? Here are some changes to make to your girl’s bedroom and bathroom that she’ll love.


Teen girls tend to spend some time taking their appearance more seriously. This means that they need mirrors to ensure that their look is just what they want it to be. Provide mirrors for different purposes in her bedroom — including makeup and hair mirrors as well as full-length mirrors. You might even consider a multiple-mirror station where she can check out her look at every angle.

In her bathroom, mirrors and makeup stations become even more important. Place the mirrors conveniently for her height and offer close-up mirrors for detailed makeup routines or putting those fun, bright colors on her nails.


Along with having plenty of mirrors, ensure good lighting for using those mirrors. If your daughter’s bathroom was designed a long time ago, it probably has limited lighting options — usually a row of lights over the vanity and an overhead light.

But if your teenager wants to perfect her look, she needs lighting for different elements. Side lighting rather than overhead vanity lighting often provides a more textured look and works better for doing hair, makeup, and small accents.


All kids come with bathroom paraphernalia, whether it be bathtub toys for little ones or hair accessories for older ones. As your teen daughter finds her own style, she will likely experiment with different looks and accessories. Hair products, makeup, nail accents, jewelry, and scarves or ties — whatever she’s into, it will end up strewn around the bathroom unless you give it a home.

Consider remodeling the existing vanity and storage spaces to have more options. A professional remodeling service can incorporate storage into the bathroom easily. Try a few other clever ways to add bathroom storage for specific items, such as wall hooks for hanging hair implements, shelves under the mirror to hold small cosmetics and hair accessories, or basket storage systems for miscellaneous items.


Many parents have the temptation to just work around childhood paint color choices, adding accents and accessories to bring in new colors rather than fully repainting the room. But you do well to adjust the entire paint scheme instead of doing it piecemeal. Your young adult isn’t likely to want to return to childish designs, but you can use the new colors as a base for future remodeling.

Let your teenager lead the way in finding that mature new color palette, perhaps by using a mood board or pinning ideas from the internet. Pick and choose what works for both of you. Remember that designing their own living area will help them discover who they are and foster their own sense of independence and maturity.


Most teens love color on the walls and in their furnishings. The color scheme might be just as bold and audacious as they wanted when children, but the choices will be different.

Whereas a little girl may have loved a frothy pink or even hot, bubblegum pink, your older daughter might now prefer a soft, baby pink accented with a bold teal or black and white. Or she might now tend toward more unusual colors like French aqua, turquoise, salmon, or fun purple shades.

If bold colors scare you, consider using a design or remodeling service that can help you successfully integrate them into something you and your child can live with.

Whatever your teenager is into, you can help her create a bedroom and bathroom that fits her new interests and tastes. At Case Design/Remodeling, we’ve helped Indiana families meet many style and architectural challenges to make a space that everyone will love. Schedule a consultation today.

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