Decorating Your New Kitchen & Bath

I love it when I am asked to decorate a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom.  It is such a fresh start! Some homeowners going through the long process of remodeling a kitchen or bath forget the finishing touches that truly make the room their own. Cabinet style, counter top materials, and decorative lighting are in integral part of a remodel, but so are the items that will decorate those cabinets, or be lit by those lights, or will sit on those counter tops. That’s where a professional designer can make a significant impact.

In a bathroom, most people associate rugs and towels as the main finishing touches.  Choosing the correct color and style of these soft goods adds to the overall feel of a space. If you are going with a spa-like feel, bright colors may not be the best choice. One cannot forget items like soap pumps, tissue boxes and waste paper baskets as well. Even a tooth brush holder can add interest. Fresh flowers in a bathroom add fragrance and a splash of the outdoors. Some people even include artwork to add that refined look. My biggest piece of advice – hide your personal items like deodorant and toothpaste. Just because you use it every day does not mean it should be on display!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and also where we cook. I like to include beautiful cookbooks into the décor, possibly incorporating a family’s favorite cuisine or travel destination. Even if the kitchen hosts very few dinners, cookbooks add color and interest. Clear counters are a must in decorating a kitchen, so make sure to add lots of storage options to your remodel design. Signature items can be placed on the counter, like pieces of pottery, bowls of fruit and flowers. Put utensils in drawers, not in a crock next to the stove. I also like to add a small lamp, even if there is under cabinet lighting, for a homey feel.

Creating the look you envisioned when you began your kitchen or bath remodel does not end when the carpenters go home. Bringing in the little touches that add visual interest, splashes of color, and bits of texture will make all the difference between having a simply functional space, and having a place you will enjoy every day.

-Guest Blogger, Cathy Chitwood, ASID

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