Host the Ultimate Night In at these Home Bars 

Host the ultimate night in with these at-home bar ideas. 

Since the pandemic began, we’ve seen the important role our homes have played in creating a safe space – a refuge – from the world outside. Many of us looked to improve the function and beauty of our homes, making the spaces that are familiar to us even more special. By making changes that bring the movie theatre, the wine bar, and the local cafe right to our doorstep, we’ll be able to modify our homes in a way that still benefits us for years to come. Host the ultimate night in with these at-home bar ideas. 

Home Bar Ideas: The Basement Bar

home bars and design ideas for basement remodels

Have you ever wished that your local bar had more comfortable chairs, signed memorabilia from your favorite sports team, and TV’s where you could actually see and hear the ball game? A basement bar can give you all the ingredients for the perfect night, minus the traffic, the crowds, and the inconvenience of it all. If your current basement setup feels like it’s a far cry from the perfect evening, then a basement remodeling consultant can help open your eyes to the potential that lies within your current layout. Right now it may look more like a place for storage and working out, but your finished basement can finally feel complete with a couple of key additions that can be custom-made just for you. 

Home Bar Ideas: Off the Kitchen

home bar ideas for a traditional kitchen remodel

Having a beverage station at the ready can make hosting a breeze, and allow you to enjoy time with your guests instead of running to the basement or the garage to get refills. Your wine or coffee bar can serve as a convenient spot for storing and displaying glassware or family antiques. It can also give you a way to showcase your creative side; when these clients finished their kitchen bar, satisfied with the location and amount of storage that it provided, they worked with us to fashion a corkboard collected from various brands and bottles over the years. It adds a fun flair to the newly remodeled kitchen and blends right in with the classic vibe of this kitchen bar and beverage station. 

Home Bar Ideas: Movie Theater Room and Snack Bar

home theater with wet bar

If you’d like to recreate the movie theater experience at home, all you need is a dash of movie magic and a few finishing touches to get the job done. Kick back and relax with comfortable lounge seating; have a snack bar set up within arms reach with beverages, popcorn, and snacks, and get yourself a projector to watch your favorite movies in style. Keep the show going by binging your favorite TV series or book a double feature that’s got something on tap for everyone. The advantage of having a movie night at home? It can be exactly what you want it to be. 

Home Bar Ideas: The Outdoor Oasis

home bar ideas for the backyard

The ultimate outdoor oasis could include a grill for cooking up burgers, hotdogs, and steaks; and a shaded seating area with ambient lighting and a vibrant design. A buffet bar or serving table can bring the focus back to enjoying shared time with loved ones, and warming up next to the firepit with s’mores piled high can make regular evenings at home feel more like a weekend getaway. 

Home Bar Ideas: The Garage Bar

home bar ideas for the garage - from etsy edit
Photo Credit: Madison Iron and Wood (Etsy)

A detached garage or accessory dwelling unit may work particularly well as a spot for a home bar. Style it with a dartboard, a pool table, and your favorite movie posters or artwork – shuffling over to a cozy corner that’s not in the main part of the home can make it feel even more like the fun nights out that we’d typically have at one of our local favorites. 

Whether your home bar is placed in the kitchen, the basement or a detached garage, it will help you enjoy your home in an entirely new way. It can help you take advantage of spaces that typically go unused, and make them into something fun and unique that can be enjoyed year-round. 

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