Home Remodeling Design Options: Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Welcome to the second article in our series focused on assisting homeowners with the many choices they face during a home remodel. This week we are covering kitchen and bath fixtures. With the many style and finish options out there, how does one narrow the choices?  We have some tips on selecting the faucets and accessories that best suit your space.

Finish –We all know the sure sign of a 80s or 90s home – polished brass! For many homeowners, just changing out the fixtures to a more updated finish can have a huge impact on the look of a kitchen or bath. However, there are many finishes to choose from. How do you know which to choose?

Many designers suggest that you choose a finish that compliments your countertops. For example, oil-rubbed bronze looks great with brown-toned granite and quartz, and chrome or nickel compliments the darker colored options. In this master bath remodel, the design called for brushed nickel faucets to highlight the grey striations in the granite countertop:

Brushed nickel faucet

Polished chrome can look like jewelry when paired with dark countertops:

Dark countertops

Tile also influences finish choices. For this design, the homeowner chose oil-rubbed bronze to compliment the brown tones in the shower tile, which also flows with the cabinetry:

Oil-rubbed bronze fixture

Style – Unless you are going for the eclectic look, placing a modern-styled faucet into a very traditional design does not make sense. Understanding the overall style that you are trying to achieve with your remodel will help you narrow your choices.

In this remodel, our client was going for the mid-century modern look. This faucet, with the more robotic look, fit the bill perfectly:

Mid-century modern

These homeowners were looking to create an old-world cottage feel. The wide, hexagonical base with the white “hot/cold” tops take us back in time:

Cottage style fixture

Modern styling went into these two kitchen faucet choices:

Modern fixture

modern fixture 2

This faucet fits perfectly into the Mediterranean look of this kitchen remodel:

Bay window

Technology – These days, the constant innovations in home building materials makes technology a necessary consideration in all kitchen and bath design. Pull out faucets are replacing separate faucet and spray units in most kitchens:

Pull out faucet

Touch-activated faucets are also becoming more common, where you turn on the water with a slight touch of the frame. And in the bathroom, the popularity of luxury showers has led to body sprays and shower heads that use less water but still deliver a great experience.

Good design will be behind all of your choices for your home remodeling project. Creating an overall look and style for the space will help you wade through the many options you face. Our designers are always here to help too!

By the way,  we all keep hearing is that brass is bad, but did you know that it is making a comeback? Don’t reinstall those polished brass fixtures yet, however. The new brass, sometimes called brushed gold, brushed bronze or champagne bronze, is a more muted gold color.

Do you have a favorite kitchen or bath fixture design? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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