Making the Most of In Home Storage

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” – Albert Einstein

Does everything have its place in your home? The professional remodeling designers at Case Indy share a few storage solutions for your home. We’ll start with the kitchen!

Kitchen Storage Solutions

In most homes the kitchen is the first place to take on clutter. Between appliances, paperwork, and unopened mail, it’s tough to keep all those flat countertop surfaces tidy.

There are many options today to make access easier to cooking items like pots, pans, utensils, and plates. We also recommend pantries, pull out spice racks, pull-out drawers, and other cabinet modifications to simplify access to everything you need when you cook.

Best of all, some of these solutions are sold at the larger home improvement stores so you can measure and install them yourself. Other configurations may need to wait for a kitchen remodel.

kitchen storage ideas

Tuck your coffee pot and all the accessories behind an appliance garage. That way you can fold the door up or down and easily hide the mess when not in use.

kitchen storage pantry

Custom storage pantries are great places to store canned and dry goods. The inserts swing open and allow you to group items you use most often near the front.

pantry kitchen storage

If you lack adequate space for a full pantry, consider a smaller pull-out “drawer” adjacent to the fridge.

kitchen desk

Because the kitchen is such a hub for family life, a mini work station makes a great addition to the space. Notice the shelf above the computer screen for stowing papers.

pull out trash bins

Hiding garbage and recycling receptacles behind a matching cabinet door is a great way to keep those eyesores out of view. It can also reduce unwelcome smells until the trash is taken out. You can install this in an island or near the kitchen sink.

storage over refrigerator

The space above the refrigerator often goes unused. Why not tuck a cabinet up there to store items you use less often, like serving platters or baking tins? Remember, since this cabinet is overhead, it will be best suited to lighter kitchen items. The last thing you’d want is to try to muscle a crockpot out of this space.

pots pans drawers

It is so much easier to access heavy pots, pans, and lids from a few sturdy drawers rather than folding your body into a cupboard. Since you use these items for the stovetop, it makes the most sense to stash them right below. If your oven takes up the space below your stovetop you could consider switching to drawers next to the oven.

great kitchen storage ideas

These narrow pullouts flank the oven beautifully. Spices, oils, vinegars, and other pantry items you use most often are now in hand’s reach while cooking.

sprice rack drawer

There are a number of great kitchen storage ideas for pull-out spice racks. No more standing on tiptoe trying to reach into the back of an upper cabinet! Plus, you’ll never wonder if you’re out of oregano again!

unique kitchen storage

We love this unique kitchen storage pullout for tea towels. If you have children or pets, keeping the clean things clean and the dirty things dirty can be a challenge. Keep your dish cloths off the floor and use the bottom to store other cleaning items.

kitchen sink tip out storage

Keep clutter away from your sink by installing a small panel on the front side of the sink that is hinged to tilt out. We installed two small plastic bins in the space to store scrapers, scrubbers, and sponges. Look how tidy the sink appears when those items are not sitting on the countertop!

kitchen cabinets storage ideas

Storing utensils in a drawer like this one makes spoons and spatulas easy to access while cooking and out of sight when not in use. Drawer dividers help keep the mess at bay and help cull out those “uni-tasker” implements that you probably don’t need in a high traffic drawer.

storage for kitchens

These cabinet pull-out drawers are within easy reach of smaller hands to reach plastic cups and water bottles. They’re also helpful for deeper lower cabinets so you’re not wondering where that Tupperware lid escaped to.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

We’re guessing you spend a bit more time in the kitchen than in the bathroom, however a tidy bathroom is just as essential for an organized home. You may want to implement a few of these storage solutions.

shower niche

vertical shower niche

Leverage between stud space. Recessed niches are a wonderful way to make use of a small space. Shower niches are growing in popularity and are installed in most remodeled bathrooms these days.

bathroom vanity storage

The vanity is another way to create additional storage in a bathroom. Decorative storage bins take this from a “stuff-it” location to organized oasis.

Other Storage Solutions for the Home

Creative storage is not limited to bathrooms and kitchens. Walk-in closets, locker cubbies, and store rooms are other options throughout the home for containing clutter.

storage lockers

basement storage room

Mudrooms are quickly becoming a must-have room for home buyers, especially for families with children. Mudrooms are a transitional space between outside and in, where shoes, boots, coats, and other items are stored. Most mudrooms include a place to sit down as well as storage space. They are often part of a laundry room or a hallway space depending upon the home’s configuration.


Wine cellars are also growing in popularity. We’ve built several nice ones as part of lower level remodeling projects in and around Indianapolis.

wine cellar

wine storage room

Wine cellars are also growing in popularity. We’ve built several nice ones as part of lower level remodeling projects in and around Indianapolis.

If you need some help in designing additional storage solutions for your home, contact the pros at Case Indy. We are happy to design and install everything you need to reduce clutter.













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