Project Highlight: Redesigning a Large, Yet Small Bathroom

Functional space planning is a hallmark of good design, which is why we talk about it so much with our clients and in our blog posts. We recently completed a bathroom remodel that truly brought this idea home. The homeowners had been dealing with a very large bathroom that felt cramped and small for almost 20 years. By applying good design practices to the space, they are now able to enjoy all the amenities of a huge master bath.

326Original Design: “We knew we needed to update the bathroom,” stated the homeowner. “With the master bedroom on the first floor, we decided that we would “age-in-place” here. Our attitude was why downsize when we could upgrade?” According to the homeowner, “The layout of bathroom was strange. There was an island sticking out into the middle of the room. It chopped up the room so much that it looked like a small bathroom.”

Similar to most homes built in the 80’s, the bathroom had a huge garden tub and a small stall shower.
Similar to most homes built in the 80’s, the bathroom had a huge garden tub and a small stall shower.

Grey cabinetry

Design Phase: Removing the vanity island was the first order of business in creating a new design. Moving the vanities to the wall of the room immediately opened up the footprint to its full potential. Then how best to fill the space became the challenge. “The computer modeling made a huge difference for us,” stated the homeowner. “We saw the mistakes that we made when we remodeled our kitchen on our own using subcontractors. If we had had the design software for that project, we would have seen the problem areas. The software allowed us to look at our design options, like where to place the tub. We moved the shower a few times!” Master Bath RemodelIn the end, it was the stacked-stone wall that sold the homeowners on where to place the tub and the shower. “We did not really like the idea of making the shower the first thing you saw when you entered the bathroom,” stated the homeowner. “So we knew we wanted the tub in that place but we were constantly taking about what would go over it so there was not a blank wall. Finding a piece of art would be time-consuming and expensive. When our designer suggested the stacked-stone as something different, we went with it.”

Stacked Stone WallFinal Result: There are many unique elements to this master bath remodel beyond the stunning accent wall. Grey cabinetry is a growing trend in kitchen and bath remodels, and it was the natural compliment to the granite countertops.

Grey cabinetryThe entrance to the space is along hallway lined with large closets that had narrow openings. To both hide the clutter and increase functionality, the closet openings were expanded and frosted glass doors were added. “We always hated the closets,” said the homeowner. “It was very difficult to access them with the small doorway. They are much more functional now with the larger opening. It is nice to be able to shut the doors and still have a light feel in the hallway.”

Frosted glass closet doorsWe knew our readers would notice the homeowners’ unusual flooring choice, so we asked about it. “For us, it was the right choice. We had always had carpet in there, and maintained it well so we there were no issues. We like the feel of the carpet on our feet, and we feel it flows better off the long hallway into the main bathroom area. We did not want tile in the hallway, and we thought about wood. We weighed our options, evaluated our budget and went with carpet. We chose what we wanted over the resale considerations. When it comes time to sell in the future, we can change it.”

It is possible to have a huge space that feels cramped, and there are easy ways to fix it! Applying good design principals can transform the functionality of a space, allowing you to get more enjoyment out of it. We would love to help you with your poorly designed spaces. Schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our designers today! Send us an email, or give us a call at 846-2600.

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