To Repair or To Replace: That is the Window Question

How do you know when to repair or replace your home’s windows? There are many factors to consider, including the condition of the windows and your budget. New windows are an investment that will pay off over time due to energy savings and other benefits.

Consider the following three options:

1. Window Repair:
The trim boards around the window and the window sill or sub sill can be fairly easily replaced. These repairs can be made to most windows in a few hours per window by an experienced carpenter. 

2. Window Sash Replacement:
If the wood frame that holds the insulated glass (called the “sash”) is rotted, then repairs become more difficult. Depending on the brand and age of the wood windows, you may be able to order a replacement sash from the window manufacturer. If the original manufacturer is no longer in business or does not make the exact size and style of sash anymore, then you have two options: 1) have a mill shop make a sash to the exact size/style you need, or 2) have an experienced carpenter make new sash parts in the field.

3. Complete Window Replacement:
If the rot is too severe, it makes sense to consider total replacement of the window. The standard today is maintenance- free vinyl or aluminum clad windows. Since wood windows are typically painted to match the house trim color, they will not match the new factory colors. Consider replacing an entire side of the home at once, so all windows match. This allows you to phase in the cost of total replacement by doing one side of the home at a time.

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