5 Common Whole Home Remodeling Questions & Answers

Answers to the most common questions we get from clients.

Kicking off a large remodeling project can feel intimidating. Typically homeowners will start with a few goals in mind before moving on to more specific questions – getting clear in these two areas can help you establish a project plan and make the whole process run more smoothly. Here are some of the most common whole home remodeling questions we get from clients!  

What types of homes typically get a whole home remodel?

Homes that are 20-30 years old are prime candidates for a whole home remodel.  By that point, the cabinets, countertops and flooring are starting to show signs of aging, and as a homeowner, you’ve either decided you’re staying longer or you’re interested in how you can give the home a better shot on the market. Both of these are big motivators as to why a homeowner may choose a whole home remodel.  

homeowners commonly have questions about style when whole home remodeling - these homeowners went for a mid-century modern look throughout
Here are a few more reasons you might be considering a whole home remodel: 

  • Swapping styles. Your traditional style home may have suited your tastes back when you moved in, but a transitional or mid-century modern design may align more with your current taste. 
  • Outdated layout. Older homes have a more closed-off layout which doesn’t often align with current expectations and lifestyles – open floorplans are popular today. 
  • Lifestyle change. You could be a young family that’s growing or a pair of empty nesters; since your space no longer meets your needs, you’re looking for the best way to hit the reset button.

What can a whole home remodel solve?

A client of ours had their home on the market for almost a year without success. They kept getting the same feedback on the first floor – the layout was disjointed. The homeowners agreed and took the home off the market for a major renovation. The new remodel included a larger, more open kitchen, more convenient locations for appliances, a consolidated pantry and a brand new laundry room. It can also solve problems you didn’t even think of – in another home, we remodeled the first floor and ended up having room for an additional powder room. 

What changes do I want to make?

a whole home remodel may make you question several spaces in the home, including outdoor living. a new deck or patio can improve your ability to enjoy the great outdoors
While your interest may have started from improving one area, like an outdated backsplash or the need for more guest rooms, planning for the first section typically makes it easier to see the potential in multiple areas of the home. Consider how your home clashes with your daily routine – does the layout of your laundry room prevent you from keeping things in order, has your patio or deck seen better days? By getting this out in the open, you’ll be able to dig into your pain points and give yourself more defined goals for a whole home remodel. 

Should I remodel my home in phases or all at once?

If you’ve been considering a whole home remodel, you’ve probably worked up quite the home remodeling checklist. That might mean you’re eager to get it all done in one go; while this is the right choice for some homeowners, it’s not for everyone. Your own answer may hinge on whether you’re willing to live in the house while the remodel is taking place. The dilemma?  

  • If you stay, it’ll be easier to do one area at a time – you can make progress on the remodels but still maintain control over which parts of your home are functional. 
  • If you don’t stay, you may choose to live with family or in a rental – with this option, you can get multiple areas renovated at once and don’t have to worry about the inconvenience that may come with sharing the home with a remodeling team. 

What’s something I shouldn’t forget to add to my whole house remodel?

a new backsplash can brighten your kitchen design; when asking yourself questions about your whole home remodel, make sure you choose designs that reflect taste and complement your routine
If you want the best way to maximize your whole home remodel, start with storage and technology. Better storage is an easy concept to like, but is sometimes harder to visualize than you’d think. If you have these goals, it’ll help you choose the best options for you. 

  • Making your daily routine easier and more fun; 
  • Using your current routine to inform key decisions; 
  • Acknowledging the necessities – waste baskets, spices and kitchen tools – and planning for them. 

Centrally located outlets and built-in charging pads are becoming more popular as part of whole home remodeling projects. Our phones, tablets, and laptops help us get through the day – running to the other room to charge or check on devices doesn’t feel practical anymore. It’s a small add-on that can make an incredible difference in how you can use and enjoy the home! 

These are just a few of the most common whole home remodeling questions that we get from clients but, if this has given you a few ideas for your own space we’d love to hear them. Tell us about your project here

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