Putting Homeowners at Ease: Why You Need a Project Manager for Your Next Remodel

As a homeowner, no matter the age of your home or the amount of space you have, you’ve likely considered a remodel. But as you know, there’s a considerable amount of planning and preparation that must take place before; when the project begins, an entirely different type of planning begins. Have you ever wondered, “Who orders the countertop and cabinet materials; is that me or the remodeling company? Will there be changes to the schedule or budget; if so, how will they be dealt with? How will my team keep the home safe during the construction phase?”

Keep reading to learn more about how having a dedicated project manager can ensure the success of your remodel.

What responsibilities does the project manager usually have?

After the client has been contacted by the sales staff and the design team, they’ll be communicating with the project manager for the duration of the project. After these initial stages, the PM will be in charge of the job, from start to finish.

Managing a home remodeling project can involve lots of different tasks, such as:

  • Meeting with and managing subcontractors;
  • Making sure the job site stays clean and safe;
  • Updating calendars;
  • Dealing with any issues that may come up on the fly;
  • And finally, making sure the customer is happy with the end product.

What does our team love about managing your project?

Our home remodeling project managers see the project all the way through to the end – that means making sure the project is done well and that the homeowners is getting good value at the end of the day. The remodeling team knows that homeowners who are nervous or uneasy would particularly benefit from a project manager.

a home remodeling project manager will ensure that your remodel goes exactly according to plan

What’s the initial meeting like? What are some things that homeowners often wish they knew going into the process?

The client will have a pre-construction meeting with the designer, the carpenter, and the project manager. In this meeting you should be reviewing safety and property protection methods, as well as nailing down the production schedule and agreeing on a mid-point meeting as a follow-up. A project manager will also prepare you to deal with any of the disruptions or hiccups that remodeling may bring by helping brainstorm solutions to these problems ahead of time. If it’s an exterior project, consider how the project can change how you use your yard or affect smaller details like landscaping design and placement. If it’s an interior project, your team may ask if you’ve made plans for a temporary kitchen in the home or how you plan to cook/entertain while the remodel is happening. This will get the wheels turning and promote some creative problem-solving before these things become actual problems.

What are some concerns that homeowners can have about the process?

While some homeowners are worried more about project prep, others encounter situations mid-process that they never expected.

  • Locations of new plumbing and electrical;
  • When cabinets, finishes and paint colors come in, it could look different than expected, causing delays or budget changes;
  • It looks good on paper but will it fit and function well in the home?

To combat this, our team does our best to spot any issues early so we can get ahead of them. We’ll work down to the last detail to ensure that your home is properly repaired or touched up as needed.

ask your home remodeling project manager what layout works best for your space, could it be an open concept?

How should a client expect to communicate with their home remodeling project manager?

When searching for home remodeling companies, clients should think about their preferred style of communication and how they’d like to communicate with their remodeler; an experienced remodeler will defer to the homeowner’s preferred method of communication. Your project manager should communicate in some way almost daily or be available for questions, whether it’s through emails, text messages, or phone calls. Once a week you may meet face to face or [depending on client availability] a good phone conversation about what’s been done and what’s ahead. With a platform like Buildertrend, clients can log in 24/7 to stay updated on the day-to-day of the project.

How will the project manager handle any changes that may arise?

The project manager is that one point of contact that will help resolve major issues during the construction process and the project as a whole. Beyond the initial planning conversations, mid-point meetings, and final inspections, we’ll have several opportunities to track progress and make sure that the project is aligned with the expectations of both parties. Our hope is that you won’t have to think twice about the work happening in your home – we want it to be a smooth process, backed by the peace of mind that your project team stands behind the contact and will do exactly what they promised.

How can a project manager help set your project up for success?

Homeowners who choose to work with a general contractor or smaller remodeling firm may find that much of the project management responsibilities will be theirs. But balancing schedule, budget, managing subcontractors and logistics is tough, that’s why we believe that every client deserves a designated project manager who will be in contact daily. While the reduced cost or convenience of contractors could be appealing, this can also come along with some headaches, as our team has seen first-hand. With an experienced project manager and a team of remodeling professionals on your side, we are able to identify and resolve any issues that may arise during the remodeling process.


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