What to Consider Before Starting a House Remodel

After years of putting up with repair after repair, you’ve begun to realize that there’s one thing you can’t seem to fix — you’ve outgrown your space. Whether your family is getting bigger or your kids have gone off to college, your home has a way of showing you when it’s time for a change. But in order to have a successful project, you have to make sure you’re prepared.

Here are the best ways to get ready for a house remodel: 

Do your homework. When you first decide to remodel your home, you’ll no doubt do lots of research. But after the initial ideas are in place, you’ll want to start looking at who can get the job done. Choosing a company that has a reputation in your local community, whether it may be glowing, so-so, or downright poor, is an important part of the remodeling process. By vetting your company or contractor early, through both online review websites and your personal network, you’ll be able to see more clearly what other clients got out of the experience, which will better prepare you to make that big decision. 

a new pool and poolhouse as part of a whole house remodel in indianapolis, indiana

Choosing a local expert has its perks. Local experts will likely have extensive knowledge of your type of project because they’ll be tuned into any regional factors like building regulations,  climate considerations, and resale value-added by project. By going local, you can also support your local economy and limit your project’s impact on the environment by working with local suppliers. 

If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Almost every home improvement project, whether it’s a major remodel or a minor fixup, will run into the unexpected. But the difference between a company that does remodeling, and a true local remodeling expert is their ability to roll with the punches. When you choose Case Indy, your project team will be beside you every step of the way. Your design team will be responsible for creating the initial design and specifying a budget; your project manager will communicate the timeline and let you know what to expect during the remodel. And of course, regular communication will keep you in the loop throughout the course of the project. 

all white custom kitchen; whole house remodel in indianapolis, indiana

Get everything in writing. It’s important to vet your remodeler with tools like Yelp and Angie’s List, but even when you do decide on a house remodeling company, it’s still important to keep each step of the process documented, for your own clarity and in the case of any legal issues.  Make sure the initial contract is crystal clear on points like project timeline and budget; always get any changes confirmed in writing and speak up if something doesn’t seem right. 

When choosing a remodeling professional, make sure they:

As you’re evaluating remodeling companies, be sure to ask these questions:

  • How will we stay in contact throughout the project? 
  • What can I expect from the day-to-day process?
  • How will we solve any issues that arise? 

If you’re not sure about your remodeler after the initial meetings, don’t be afraid to keep looking. Look for a team that makes an effort to work with you and values you as a trusted partner in the process. Choosing the right remodeler at the outset will save you time, money, and stress down the road, and the search may take time, but doing the right research upfront will pay off.

one of our clients enjoying his new spot by the fireplace; house remodel in carmel, indiana

Ready to get started? Call Case Indy today to speak with one of our remodeling experts. 

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