How to Instantly Improve Lighting in the Kitchen

Three types of lighting every kitchen needs.

Lighting design in the kitchen shouldn’t be an afterthought – when you choose ambient lighting that complements the style of your kitchen, and task lighting that’s custom-designed with your preferences in mind, you’ll gain a kitchen that feels easier and more enjoyable to use. Learn about three types of lighting you should have in your kitchen, and how to incorporate each into your remodel. 

Task Lighting

A kitchen with good task lighting feels magnetic. A homeowner who loves the lighting design in their kitchen won’t be shy to cook or host, and will simply use the space more often because it’s a joy to be in. Whether you’re chopping, prepping, or storing away leftovers, having recessed lighting overhead can ensure that you’re covered no matter where you are in the kitchen. If you’re tired of using your cell phone flashlight to read recipes, under-cabinet lighting can give you additional coverage in those spots that might be further away from the main sources of light; under-cabinet lighting can also let your custom-designed backsplash and newly minted countertop shine. 

Ambient Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen doesn’t have to be all business – ambient lighting is an integral part of kitchen lighting design that can set the mood for the whole room. However, depending on the lighting choice, it can either complement or detract from the tone set by the rest of the kitchen’s design. Ambient lighting can be used to ease the transition between connected rooms, like a kitchen and an attached living or dining room. Work with a designer to determine what types of light fixtures, and what color palettes, would get you closer to the kitchen lighting design that gives you the look that you want. A traditional lighting design may include brushed brass pendant lighting or a wall sconce that blends well with the rest of the room. A kitchen that is more modern could include a minimal chandelier or another type of fixture that, instead of blending in, focuses on the contrast it brings to the room. 

Natural Light

The placement of windows can either make your kitchen feel warm and welcoming, or dim and outdated. Modern kitchens often appear brighter because the existing natural light is multiplied by neutrally-toned cabinets and paint colors. By relocating windows or re-examining the color palette of your open concept kitchen, you can visually expand your current space, and create even more appeal without adding any square footage. 

Kitchen lighting design is all about choices, and our team looks forward to helping you discover what makes your home shine. Let’s get introduced; fill out the contact form below to start a conversation with your project developer. 

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