Designing a Bathroom for Growing Children

Steam showers, claw-foot tubs, heated towel racks, built-in stereo systems – these are the elements we adults imagine when we are dreaming about remodeling a master bathroom. However, most houses have 1.5 to 3.5 OTHER bathrooms, many of which are used by small children and teens. Kids can be hard on their spaces, so installing luxury items for their use may not be the best investment. What factors should be considered when redesigning a bathroom for the children?

We at CASEIndy suggest planning your bathroom remodel around the many ages of your children. Toddlers evolve into teens, and their space needs to evolve right along with them. Key design considerations include:

  • Small children need a tub, where teens tend to need showers. As long as there is a tub somewhere on the same floor as the bedrooms, the current bathroom remodeling trends are moving toward removing tubs from some bathrooms. This extra space can allow for a larger shower area, as well as counter and storage space, both of which are at a premium, particularly in a shared bathroom.
  • Low maintenance materials are the keys to longevity in a kid-centered bathroom. Smooth textures and small grout lines allow for easy cleaning, and simple finishes stand up to hard use.
  • Safety needs to be a consideration as well. Slip-resistant flooring in the shower, tub and cabinet area keeps both little and big kids with wet feet stable. Be careful about very rough surfaces on sensitive feet however.
  • An adjustable showerhead keeps up with a child’s growth, and can be moved up and down to accommodate different-sized children. Choosing a sturdy fixture is a must to help it outlast rough users.
  • Shower doors have come a long way in the past few years. While installing frameless, heavy-glass shower doors is the best option for stand-alone showers, tub areas can now have updated semi-frameless sliding doors that make maintenance much easier than previous track systems.
  • Ventilation. If you have teenagers, you know how important this item is. After fighting with them when they were little to get clean, teens tend to want to take multiple showers a day! A heavy-duty ventilation system will pull the moisture out of the space, protecting the structure as well as the cabinetry. Systems with moisture sensors or automatic shut-offs may serve your home well.

Have more questions about remodeling your kids’ bathroom? Click here to sign up for a free consultation at your home, or give us a call at 317-846-2600.

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