Kitchen Cabinetry 101

Kitchen cabintry

There are many elements included in designing a kitchen, from space planning and appliances, to lighting and flooring. Each provides a part of the structure that together creates the overall look and functionality. Today we take a look at the role cabinetry has in a complete kitchen design, and provide an overview of the options available to homeowners.

“Appliances dictate the layout of a kitchen,” stated a CaseIndy designer. “If we decide to install a wall of cabinetry, perhaps a pantry, refrigerator surround or oven cabinet, those can dictate the layout as well. The rest of the cabinetry sets the aesthetic.”

All cabinets are boxes waiting to be decorated. The style of door, wood species and stain or paint color are what create the look of the kitchen. According to a CaseIndy designer, “Craftsman, modern, French country – all of these styles are first created with the choice of cabinet embellishments.”

Knowing the aesthetic you want to achieve in your kitchen remodel will help determine the line of cabinets you will purchase – stock, semi-custom or custom. The main differences between the three are craftsmanship and style options. Stock cabinets tend to be the least expensive option, but they usually come in a limited number of styles and colors. Moving to semi-custom will expand your options. It’s when you get to custom cabinetry that the sky’s the limit.

Many stock manufacturers are finding ways to expand their product lines, offering more door styles and finishes, as well as newer amenities like soft-close technology. If a homeowner is looking to have a more specialized finish, like glazing over painted wood, semi custom can be a good option. Custom colors are available in semi-custom and custom cabinetry. We recommend having a sample made of your color choice before you place the full order.

Specialized techniques like distressing and rub through are limited in stock cabinetry as well. Semi-custom broadens the choices, but in custom cabinetry you can specify the amount of distressing, etc. Semi-custom and custom lines also allow you to vary the sizes of the cabinets while stock cabinets only come in specific sizes.

As more homeowners are demanding accessories and inserts for their kitchen cabinetry, the availability of options is becoming a competitive advantage among cabinet companies. Even stock cabinetmakers are offering integrated spice racks, cookie sheet inserts and stand mixer lifts. Good news for designers and homeowners!

Choosing the right cabinetry will bring the look and functionality you want in your kitchen remodel. Let one of our CaseIndy designers help you wade through the many choices, ensuring your end up with the kitchen of your dreams. Set up a free, in-home consultation today by sending us an email, or giving us a call at 846-2600.

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